Wednesday, September 15, 2004

The New Xerox Identity

Xerox has dropped “The Document Company” as its tagline. It has, instead, opted for a list of service offerings: “Technology/Document Management/Consulting Services.”

The pragmatist in me applauds the effort to speak plainly and directly about what the company actually does. But the brand strategist in me can’t help but be perplexed. Where is the vision? Where is the promise to the market that only Xerox could make?

Technology and Consulting Services? Does it get any more generic than that? This new tag seems to be their solution to the fact that people still think of “documents” as paper – as opposed to having a more multimedia connotation. (The word “file” has been able to transcend medium much more successfully than the word “document.”)

Document Management remains a solid depiction of what Xerox does – but why obfuscate that with generic phrases that any service business can tout? Of course there is technology. Of course it is a consultative process. So how do such phrases add value within the limited real estate of a tagline?

Xerox is missing an opportunity to truly build upon their equity in “The Document Company” - which they could do by further defining “document management” and creating an aspirational picture of what that can and does mean for their clients.


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Blogger Raymund said...

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