Friday, October 15, 2004

Drinking Speedo

In brand licensing, just because you can doesn't mean that you should. Case in point, Speedo Sportswater, the bottled drink marketed by Fuze Beverages under license from Speedo.

Yes, Speedo is a dominant water brand. But, as someone there may have failed to acknowledge, that dominance involves swimming in it, not drinking it.

Fit & relevance with the brand, product design & implementation, and channels of distribution are all key ingredients to successful brand extension, via license or otherwise. If this was an innovative product with exciting/unique packaging, maybe the definitions for fit & relevance can expand. Innovative packaging, for example, can create relevance with design or usability that leverages the heritage of the brand. For Speedo water, perhaps this could have been some kind of swimmer-friendly sipper-top, or something that stops the bottle from rolling away from the edge of the pool.

A few years back Nike teamed with Philips to market a line of MP3 players. Rather than just another gadget with a swoosh, this product was positioned as a device to enhance a workout - and this was supported by an ability to create a soundtrack for your workout with playlists from the Nike website.

Speedo Sportswater, by contrast, is a copycat product that offers no distinguishable benefit and no real connection to the Speedo brand, beyond the aforementioned water thing. The tagline on the bottle: "We know water." Well, Mercedes knows gasoline - but I don't see them getting into the petroleum business.

Channels of distribution offer another shot at sparking relevance. The cafe or vending machine at the gym can offer the consumer some context to connect the dots. Maybe the snack bar at the beach would be appropriate, too. Though I might steer clear of the poolside snack bar, as the ill-conceived blue bottle may mislead as to the actual source of the water. I should note here that the only place I have ever seen this water was at a local pizza shop. Very un-Speedo.

Speedo is a rich, dominant brand. Efforts to enhance that richness and extend that dominance require careful consideration in rationale, positioning and execution. Speedo missed on all three.


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